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Buckskin Council Courier

The Buckskin Council Courier is our quarterly newsletter, and is full of information for upcoming events at both the Council and District levels.

You can read the September edition here.

Dear Scout Leaders,

The new Scout Program Year is now in full swing! New Scouts should be filling our ranks and our experienced
Scouts should be returning to have another great year of adventure and excitement!

Our theme this year is once again “Rocket into Scouting” with an emphasis on S.T.E.M. It will be awesome!
Recruit early, recruit often. Every family should have the chance to experience the positive experience that comes
from Scouting. Extend the invitation to as many youth and families as possible.

The Buckskin Council Popcorn Sale starts this month on September 2. Each year hundreds of Buckskin Packs and Troops
raise much needed unit funding by participating in the safe and very profitable popcorn sale. Scouts also get benefits with a
great prize program and learning to “earn their way”. And the council benefits from the sale as well. It is a win-win-win situation.

Highlights for this year’s popcorn sale can be found in this issue of the Courier and our web site. Please take the time to
familiarize yourself with this vital information.

Good Scouting to You and Yours,

Jeffrey L. Purdy
Scout Executive

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Newsletter Volunteers

     Volunteers are the heart of scouting, and in the Buckskin Council we have a group who quietly serve you by making sure the newsletters and other key communications are prepared, labeled and mailed. We always look forward to seeing these volunteers in the council office, and we think it is important to let our leaders know who these folks are so you can thank them when you see them!

The person who leads the charge is Bonnie Starling!

The Courier March helpers were, Art Altman, Phil Gaarenstrom, Jack Robertson, Carleton Starr and Grace Tolbert.

The Newsletter is folded on the last Tuesday of each
month, between August and May, starting around 8:30 and ending around noon.

If you would like to join this great group of people, call the Scout Service Center at 304-340-3663 and let us know. We would greatly appreciate your help.

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