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The Buckskin Council Courier is our quarterly newsletter, and is full of information for upcoming events at both the Council and District levels.

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Dear Scout volunteers,

October really represents the scouting program in full swing. Cub Scouts have been recruited,
Packs and Troops are once again meeting, and opportunities for Scouting FUN are
rapidly approaching. Recent studies have revealed that 15% of our Scouts drop out of the
program within the first 60 days. I wonder what could happen to discourage a new Cub
Scout or Boy Scout so much that they leave the program before they can really start to
have fun.

Fun! I think that is the key word. If our newest Scouts don’t do anything “fun” in the first sixty days, they
quickly become discouraged and disappointed. They have very little invested, so it is easy to just walk away from
Scouting. They will never know the ultimate fun they might have enjoyed; they will never know the life skills, the
lessons in citizenship, or the life changing transformation of their character. They may not reach their full potential
as adults, and they will probably not strive to involve their children in Scouting.

So what to do? First, make sure that every Scout has a fun Scouting experience in his first sixty days as a Scout.
Plan a fun Pack or Troop outing, or take advantage of one of your Districts activities. Check your District page
for upcoming events! Make sure every new Scout is invited and attends. If they do, they will stick around long
enough to start enjoying Scouting.

Secondly, every leader that has front line contact with our Scouts should be trained. I have heard many of the
reasons why a den leader, cubmaster, or scoutmaster cannot or will not take training. You can pile all those reasons
together, and they will pale in comparison when measured against the fact that B.S.A. trained leaders consistently
deliver a better program to the Scouts. And that’s what we should be all about. Delivering the best program
to our precious children. Or to put it another way, every Scout deserves a trained leader.

So let us make this our slogan this fall. “Deliver the Promise” to our Scouts; Trained leaders leading Scouts to
their first significant Scouting experience within the first sixty days.

Good Scouting to you and yours,

Jeffrey L. Purdy
Scout Executive

P.S. Don’t forget to get your Scouts out selling popcorn. What a great way to pay for those significant Scouting

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Newsletter Volunteers

     Volunteers are the heart of scouting, and in the Buckskin Council we have a group who quietly serve you by making sure the newsletters and other key communications are prepared, labeled and mailed. We always look forward to seeing these volunteers in the council office, and we think it is important to let our leaders know who these folks are so you can thank them when you see them!

The person who leads the charge is Bonnie Starling!

The Courier March helpers were, Art Altman, Phil Gaarenstrom, Jack Robertson, Carleton Starr and Grace Tolbert.

The Newsletter is folded on the last Tuesday of each
month, between August and May, starting around 8:30 and ending around noon.

If you would like to join this great group of people, call the Scout Service Center at 304-340-3663 and let us know. We would greatly appreciate your help.

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