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The Buckskin Council Courier is our quarterly newsletter, and is full of information for upcoming events at both the Council and District levels.

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    2013 Journey to Excellence Results
Council Commissioner Phil Gaaenstroom

     In a challenging year the Buckskin Council fell just short of qualifying for Journey to Excellence recognition in 2013. The total score of 1050 for the 18 requirements was 25 points below the 1075 point minimum for the Bronze level. This was disappointing after qualifying for the Gold level in the first two years of the program. The membership category is the most heavily weighted of the five categories for the Council program and after three consecutive years of membership growth, the Buckskin Council experienced a 6% loss of youth membership in 2013. The membership category was the Council’s weakest category. The finance category was the strongest (gold or silver for each of the three requirements), closely followed by leadership and governance (gold, silver and bronze for the three requirements). The program category was mixed with good results for Cub Scout and Boy Scout camping, but Cub Scout and Boy Scout advancements both fell just short of the threshold target. Unit Ser-vice was low with just a silver and a bronze among the four requirements.

     The Elk River and Pioneer Districts are to be congratulated for achieving the Silver level Journey to Excellence recognition in 2013.

     Improved or more timely record keeping would have allowed the Council to have met at least the Bronze level in 2013. The email addresses of only 41% of our parents and leaders were in the national BSA database to receive the biannual Voice of the Scout survey, while 75 points would have been given if over 55% of the email addresses were entered. Unit leaders, committee chairs and chartered partner representatives can enter these into the na-tional database using the MyScouting tools, but the council office has also offered to enter these for the units when they are provided. We also feel our Scouts perform well over the 2.8 community service hours per Scout average that was recorded, but many units are not recording community service hours in the Service Hours re-porting system. Similarly, many unit visits by commissioners are not recorded in the Unit Visit Tracking System. Lastly, 2013 Cub Scout and Boy Scout advancements that were achieved in 2013, but not reported until 2014 could not be counted in the 2013 results.

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Newsletter Volunteers

     Volunteers are the heart of scouting, and in the Buckskin Council we have a group who quietly serve you by making sure the newsletters and other key communications are prepared, labeled and mailed. We always look forward to seeing these volunteers in the council office, and we think it is important to let our leaders know who these folks are so you can thank them when you see them!

The person who leads the charge is Bonnie Starling!

The Courier March helpers were, Art Altman, Phil Gaarenstrom, Jack Robertson, Carleton Starr and Grace Tolbert.

The Newsletter is folded on the last Tuesday of each
month, between August and May, starting around 8:30 and ending around noon.

If you would like to join this great group of people, call the Scout Service Center at 304-340-3663 and let us know. We would greatly appreciate your help.

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