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Summer Camp

Cost per Scout

(1) Scout comes with unit furnishing its own leadership, and unit eats meals in dining hall: $225 if paid in full by May 1, or $250 if paid thereafter.

(2) Scout comes with unit furnishing its own leadership, and unit furnishes its own food: $155 if paid by May 15, or $160 if paid thereafter.

     Each Troop should make its own arrangements for food storage. No generators will be allowed in camp. If cooking in camp, adults pay a $30.00 fee for the week if paid by May 15. This fee is for the use of equipment and facilities. Space will not be provided in the walk in coolers for food storage. Dry ice and regular ice can be used to keep food properly stored in coolers in your campsite.

(3) The Provisional Camper Program is designed for scouts who want to attend camp for more weeks than his troop will spend in camp, who are unable to attend when his troop comes to camp, or whose troop cannot attend camp. The fee is $225 if paid before May 1. After May 1 the fee is $250. No exceptions.

(4) High Adventure: Adult and youth price is the same for High adventure programs.

Adventure at the Summit: This year we are also partnered with the Summit Bechtel Reserve for another high adventure opportunity for our Scouts! This program's cost is $300.

Additional Information

For additional information, call David Leckie at 304-340-3663.


• If more than one Scout from the same household is attending Buckskin Scout Reservation, the fees for each additional Scout will be discounted by $30.00.

• If a Scout wants to attend summer camp for more than one week, each additional week will be discounted by $30.00.

• If a Scout has been approved for a scholarship from the council, he does not qualify for any other discounts.

• Scholarships are available for the High Adventure Program, but no discounts.


     Camping fees are not refundable, but they may be transferred to another Scout coming to Camp.

     The only refund given from summer camp will be for a medical emergency. This must include a signed doctor’s excuse stating what kind of emergency and a letter from the Scoutmaster – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Campsite Deposit

     A Deposit fee of $225.00 is required to reserve a week at BSR, Camp Arrowhead, and Camp Chief Logan for a troop.

     With the "deposit" system -- the $225.00 amount paid MUST BE used towards your summer camp fees.

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