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Boy Scout Spring Camporee

Hello Happy Scouts and Scouters,

     Just wanted to let you know that planning is well underway for the SPRING CAMPOREE at Camp Roland April 25-27. That is 6 weeks from now. Patches have been ordered and warm weather has been requisitioned (especially fitting since we are enjoying the last snow of 2014 right now… I hope!).
     YOU need to begin preparing NOW for some of the events – most importantly the COOKING portion. The contest will be similar to last year’s event BUT it will not take place in the Dining Hall. Your Troop will cook at your camp using a campfire, camp stove or charcoal. You will cook a main course, a side dish, and a dessert FOR YOUR TROOP plus the judges. Awards will be given for each category (remember? Main course, side dish, and dessert).
     SCOUTS WILL DO ALL THE COOKING and cleaning up. While the boys are cooking the adults will be having a meeting at the pool shelter. ALL ADULTS. Your Troop will be disqualified if ANY ADULT is in your camp while cooking is in progress.  We will assign safety monitors for each unit. The monitor will be impartial and NOT FROM YOUR TROOP!
     Golly, Dan. That seems a little harsh. Maybe, but the BOYS NEED TO COOK. Scouting is about teaching young men to be self reliant. So we are giving you plenty of time to practice, practice, practice. Concentrate on SAFETY, EFFICIENCY  and quality. You can be as fancy (beef Wellington) or as simple (peanut butter sandwich) as you like. Just remember, degree of difficulty will be considered during judging. Other criteria include: Safety, Cleanliness, Teamwork, taste, appearance and cleanup.
     We will have flag raising at 9:00 on Saturday morning and then go to a geocaching session. Those who participated in the Cold Rush will be able to complete their merit badge requirements and others will get a good introduction. Then we will all start cooking!
     After lunch we will have a couple of different options – one will likely be a 5 mile hike to fulfill requirements for the hiking merit badge. We do have a session open for any Unit that has an activity they would like to present. Let me know!
Enjoy the last blast of Winter outside. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and THINK SPRING!
-Klondike Dan

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