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     Now you can help provide for the future–and today– of Scouts in the Buckskin Council via our online donations site. Click the image above to be taken to our "store front" where you can select how you would like to contribute, as well as what amount you'd like to give. Regardless of size, each gift we recieve helps support the development of youth in our area and is deeply appreciated.

Q & A

Do I have to use the website to give, or can I still donate by other methods?

     The website is meant for the convenience of donors, but if you'd rather give in a more traditional way, you certainly can! Please visit or call the Buckskin Council Service Center at 304-340-3663 and we'll be happy to find whatever way works best for you. Thank you!

What do my donations help pay for?
If you choose to give to the Buckskin Council in general, the funds go towards supporting Scouting programs in the community. The Council maintains camp properties, maintains the Service Center, provides insurance, maintains membership records, pays salaries and benefits to our professional team, purchases program supplies for youth activities, and provides volunteer training.

     If you choose to support the James E. West Endowment Gift, your donation will go into a special endowment fund that will last in perpetuity, using only interest collected on it to support the council's value-based programs over the long-term.

     If you choose to send a Scout to camp, your gift will help provide for Scouts in need in our district to be able to attend camp. Camping is the most fundamental, memorable activities in Scouting, and it's the primary reason many young people join Scouting in the first place. The average cost to send a kid to camp is approximately $250, and any amount you can give to help give a young person the Boy Scout camp experience is appreciated.

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