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Buckskin Council Popcorn Sale


Camp Masters Gourmet Popcorn

The Campmasters’ Popcorn Sale IS NOW UNDERWAY! Campmasters Popcorn is the easiest way for your Pack, Troop, or Crew to earn funds to support its Scouting year! If you did not attend your district kickoff, and/or if you did not receive your kickoff presentation materials, be sure to call your District Popcorn Chair today!  Your Popcorn Chairs are:

Elk River:                              Amanda Eads                     304-610-1410             
Elk river:                               Shane Miller                         304-552-6126           
Pioneer:                               Connie Clark                        304-776-9126           
Cornstalk:                            vacant
Seneca:                                Barry Spurlock                     681-220-0564           
Mountain Dominion:          Rick Nowlin                          304-425-1918           

One of the key items in the popcorn sale is making sure that your families understand WHY this project is worth their time—the sales kit tools will help you convey that message.  Money doesn’t need to be an obstacle for any family in Scouts!  With a successful Campmasters popcorn sale, every family will be able to participate in the greatest Scouting year possible!
Remember that, for the 2013 sale, we’re tracking unit sales on a weekly basis!  We’ll be giving away prizes to both units and districts for various achievements, so be sure that your unit reports its sales progress to your District Kernel, and that your District Kernel reports your district progress to the Council Kernel!  Prizes will be awarded for a mix of items, so be sure to report your 1) unit goal, 2) per-boy goal, 3) total sales to date, and 4) number of boys who have sold at least one item.

As always, you can find more information—and sales help—at

Your Buckskin Council Popcorn Team


News / Updates

Click to read updates as the sale progresses. [PDF]

2013 Fall Popcorn sale

Start Date: September 6, 2013
Sale Ends: October 21, 2013

Orders Due to Council Office: October 25, 2013

Pick up date: November 8 & 9, 2013
For the 2% incentive the payment is due when popcorn is picked up.

Prize orders should be entered the same time that the popcorn order.

Calendars and budget must be turned in by October 25, 2013
(No exceptions!)


Mystery House Clues

Find the secret houses, win prizes!
Clues to help you find them will appear on this page all throughout the sale. As the sale progresses, clues willl become more specific to help you hunt down the remaining houses.


Pioneer House Clues
+ within a mile of a fire department, St. Albans
+ Less than half a mile from an elementary school
+ Not far off 1st avenue in Nitro
+ within a mile of a fire department, Hurricane
+ near a park in Hurricane
+ On a street with a lady’s name
+ In Poca
+ search off Shadyside road, between two bends in the river
+ In St. Albans, on a street with a lady’s name
+Between 1st Avenue and the River in Nitro… South of the Park
+ Not a Major avenue in Nitro
+ There are several prizes between a Valley and a Hollow Club in Hurricane
+ Some streets in St. Albans have a nice “view”
+ On a numbered street in Hurricane
+ Between Teays Valley Road and the Railroad in Hurricane
+ Ichabod Crane doesn’t have a price, but there’s one near his street!
+ Robin Hood has one on his street too!
+ In Cross Lanes, on a street with a lady’s name
+ Search all through Poca!

Mt. Dominion House Clues
There are 2 houses in Bluefield, WV
There is 1 house in Princeton, WV
There is 1 house between Princeton and Athens
There are 2 houses in Pembroke, VA
There is 1 house in Bastian, VA
There is 1 house in Bluefield, VA
There is 1 house in Tazewell, VA
There is 1 house in Cedar Bluff, VA
There is 1 house in Oceana, WV
There is 1 house in Pineville, WV Track
+ Near a creek… before going to church, be sure to grab your eating utensil!
+ Enjoy the flowers near the Thunder valley!
+ a duplex / condo less than 4000 feet from the Virginia State Line
+ In Bluefield, between the High School and the Regional Medical Center
+ On a street with a tree name in Tazwell
+ If you give it the “ol’ College try,” you’ll find a prize!
+ Win a prize if you go camping, fishing, and __________ + Does the Appalachian Highway run through the Ocean?
+ Cedar Bluff has a prize on a road with a man’s name
+ Check out a family-named road just outside Pembroke
+ Near a church in Pembroke
Elk River House Clues
1. South Charleston, WV
2. Charleston, wv
3. South hills
4. Dunbar
5. Near wells home furnishing off of 119
6. Montrose Elementary
7. Fort Hill Charleston
8. Summersville
9. Webster Springs
10. Cowen
11. Craigsville
12. Sutton
13. Frametown
14. Belle
15. Cedar grove
+ this prize isn’t exactly on “Mount Rose” Drive, but it’s close!
+ In Charleston, between Wertz and East Point Drive
+ Alice in Wonderland’s author has a prize on his street, south of the Kanawha River
+ On a numbered street, south of the railroad tracks in Dunbar
+ Behind Wells Home furnishings
+ East of the Islamic Center
+ less than ¼ mile west of Cowen
Senecca House Clues
1. Beckley- Maxwell Hill area, street name starts with a 'B'
2. Beckley- street name has to do with the 'tree cutting' industry
3. Located in Fayetteville, one of the four seasons is found in the street name
4. In Oak Hill- Street name is a woman's first name
5. In Lewisburg- Street name is the same of a city in Louisiana
6. In Lewisburg- Lots of buildings that look the same
7. Street name is the first name of a U.S. President in Marlinton

Chief Cornstalk District
1. Goldfish pond
2. Fire house
3. Brick Rancher
4. Out of State
5. Cross the bridge
6. River
7. Between two towns
8.This community is known for a lake and tunnel
9.Up the hill
10. Drive by the bank
+ Northeast of where the river splits in Madison
+ Less than ¼ mile from the Danville Police Department
+ Joseph has a creek… and a Mystery House Prize!
+ In Kentucky, on a road in the “Forest”
+ Near Chapmanville, a gentleman has an eating utensil, and a prize, too!
+ south past the Sunset, passing Justice on the way.
+ In Peck’s Mill

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