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2019 Sale Second Chance Popcorn Dates

You have new Scouts who joined a little late to participate in the Popcorn Sale?

No Worries!  There is a Second Chance Popcorn Sale. 

Take Order Sale

Sale Begins                                                   November 1, 2019

Sale Ends                                                      November 29, 2019

Orders due to Council or Online             December 4, 2019 by noon

Distribution                                                 December 17, 2019 


This sale is a straight 31% Commission to help new units and units that are starting later in the Fall.  

It is time for our annual Scouting Popcorn Sale.

There are 4 ways your scout can sell popcorn:

Show and Sell:

This method is designed to sell popcorn that your Unit Popcorn Chair signs out and picks up at a District warehouse drop-off point. Then, at a location of your choice you and the scouts from your Unit sell the popcorn directly to the public. Suggested locations could include; Grocery Stores, Malls, Video Stores, or any area with a large number of people. Popcorn from this sale will be returnable by the full-unopened case only. Please Note: Customers who buy popcorn in the Show and Sell tend to buy the least expensive items. To insure success, it’s our recommendation that your scout also participates in the Take Order Sale.

Show and Deliver:

This is the best way to increase popcorn sales. The scouts in your Unit take an order form and the product door to door in the neighborhoods. The scout sells the product, delivers the product, and collects the money all in one trip.

Take Order Sale

This sales method is the most effective way for your Unit to raise funds. The scouts in your Unit take orders on their form and then deliver them to their customers. The order forms are turned in and one-unit order is made. Many sales can be made just through asking relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. The popcorn is picked up by the Unit Popcorn Kernel and distributed to the scouts who made sales.

Online Sales:

Customers can support your Scout from across the country with Your Scout can sell online to help earn his own way and fund his Scouting adventures! Your Leader can sign you in at

2019 Sale Popcorn Dates

Show N Sell

Show N Sell Order Due                             August 1, 2019

Delivery and Pick up                                  August 16, 2019

Take Order Sale

Sale Begins                                                September 1, 2019

Sale Ends                                                   October 21, 2019

Orders due to Council or Online                 October 25, 2019

Distribution                                                  November 15-16, 2019 


Special Incentives for Scouts to achieve their goals and aim for the stars!

  • Camp Masters High Achiever Prizes - $3,000 and Up Club -  Scouts who sell $3,000 or more will earn Camp Masters' High Achiever Prize.  You choose between a Camping Package (2 person tent, 6-in-1 Grilling Tool, Hammock, Aluminum Tactical Flashlight, Set of Walkie-Talkies, and Swiss Army Backpack)  OR an American Express Gift Cheque for 5% of your total sales. (For example: $3000 in sales = $150 gift cheque, rounded to the nearest $10.

  • $600 Club - Each Scout who sells $600 or more will be invited to a special party in their district. Leaders, be sure to turn in the $600 Club form so we know all the Scouts who qualify!

  • Fill-A-Form Drawing - We will have 3 drawing to win $25 Gift Cards to Walmart or Amazon.  Turn in copies of your forms for the chance to win.  The more forms you fill up , the more chances you have to win.  Drawings will be held September 30, October 15, and October 31.

  • Bonus Prize Level - Scouts who sell $650 or more will receive their chosen prize from their prize level PLUS a prize from the Bonus Prize Level (the choices are a Crusader Bow Set 15lb. 51" or a BSA Hammock with straps)

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