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Campmaster's Gourmet Popcorn

Second Popcorn Sale

The council is sponsoring a Second Popcorn Sale.  This is your opportunity to raise more funds for your unit! 

Take Order Sale Dates

Sale Begins                      November 13, 2017

Sale Ends                         December 1, 2017

Orders due to Council      December 4, 2017  

Popcorn Distribution         December 19, 2017

Units:  If you are participating in the Second Sale, please fill out the Second Sale Commitment Form and send it to the Council Service Center. 

Scouts can count the value of both sales toward the $600 Club and celebration event.

Units earn 31% on sale. Scouts may select additional prizes for additional sales they make.

Second sale ends Friday, December 1. Second sale take orders must be submitted in the online Campmasters system by noon Monday, December 4. Product will be available for pick up at the Charleston Service Center on Monday, December 18.


Show 'n Sell

The Council is ordering some extra product which will be available after November 16. This product will be made available to any unit which wishes to participate in a local Show 'n Sell to benefit your unit.

  • Units do not pay in advance for popcorn take for this Show & Sell.

  • Units will earn 31% profit on what they sell.

  • Scouts are eligible for prizes and their sell amount will be added to their first sale amount for $600 Club membership.

  • Council will make available credit card readers with access to a special PayAnywhere account. Units may use these readers to take credit card payments for the Show & Sell. The council will pay the credit card processing fee. Council will issue a check to the unit for 31% profit on any credit card sales. (Requires Apple or Android device.)

  • Unsold product must be returned promptly.

  • Available products include 8oz Caramel Corn ($10), 14 pack Roasted Summer Corn Microwave ($15), 12 pack Kettle Corn Microwave ($15) and 17oz Chocolate Drizzled Caramel w/Nuts ($25).

Popcorn Sale Details

Units that complete all the following will receive an additional 2% commission on their gross sales when they complete the following:

1)  Attend District Kickoff and Training

2)  Submit an Annual Calendar and Budget to Council Office (Don’t forget to share with your parents) by September 30th

3)  Turn in 100% of portion due to Council by Popcorn Pickup on November 17 and 18, 2017 – If you are not sure of the amount, contact the Scout Service Center before the pick-up. 

4) Bring an updated roster of your scouts when you pick up popcorn


November 17 and 18, 2017 - Popcorn Pickup Day/Distribute to Scouts and Customers

Contact your district popcorn chair or your district executive to schedule a time to pick up your order.  Your unit’s complete payment must be turned in at the Popcorn Pickup site.  Please make arrangements with your Unit Treasurer to pay for the Popcorn on or before the Pickup Date.  

If your Pack, Troop or Crew will have difficulty in meeting any of the above deadlines, please let your District Popcorn Kernel and District Executive know as soon as possible.


Pick-Up Locations 

Adena District:  Eagle Distributing Co.  140 Third Ave. Huntington, WV

Mt. Dominion District:  Timken.  Princeton Industrial Park, Princeton, West Virginia.

Seneca District:  Walker Machinery, Crab Orchard, West Virginia

Chief Cornstalk:  Camp Chief Logan

Chief Cornstalk & Shawnee District: Tyler Mountain Water Company, 159 Harris Street, Poca, WV 25159 – Rock Branch Industrial Park.


District Executives                               Phone                          _Email____________________

Carl Sullivan (Adena District)                   304-523-3408                  [Click for member's page]

Michael Cidor (Chief Cornstalk)               304-340-3663                  [Click for member's page]

Trey Aliff (Mt. Dominion & Seneca)         304-308-0405                  [Click for member's page]

David Duncan (Shawnee District)            304-541-7559                  [Click for member's page]


Information to Help Plan for Popcorn Pick-Up Day

Before you can deliver your Popcorn, you’ve got to pick it up. At the warehouse, we can accommodate all types of vehicles including trucks. In fact, we encourage units with large orders (anything over 100 cases) to rent or borrow trucks to pick up the popcorn. Many of the rental agencies extend discounts to Scout groups. Please make sure you have enough vehicles to handle your order.  Deduct 4-5 cases from the numbers shown for each passenger (child, dog, etc.) that comes with a driver. The warehouse is busy and potentially dangerous. Please try to avoid bringing young children and pets if at all possible.  The process of picking up popcorn will be as quick and painless as possible. If your unit will be moving product with several vehicles make sure the other drivers know the name and number of your unit to prevent confusion. We always appreciate your patience.

Popcorn Sales Resources

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